Focus on Youth & Beards’ Framing Team Partnership

Changing Lives of Portland Youth
A Great Partnership: Beard’s Framing has long partnered with local organizations that support the arts and our community. One of our favorites is Focus on Youth, a great after-school program that targets at-risk teens using photography training as a tool to develop personal voice, positive identity, social skills and artistic skills. “I’m excited to be working with Focus on Youth again this year,” says Beard’s Framing Director of Operations, Kelly Carver. “I’ve met some students and their enthusiasm and pride they take in their work is palpable. And the talent on display is inspiring. ”

“Thanks to Beard’s Framing and their amazing support, Focus on Youth is able to have a successful Art Auction that literally helps us keep our doors open in these challenging economic times. Their generous contribution to our photography mentor program allows us to put cameras into the hands of hundreds of low- income, inner city teens, which in turn helps our most vulnerable young people stay in school and succeed. We could not do what we do without the support we receive from Beard’s Framing!” says Donna Lee Holmes, Focus on Youth Executive Director and Founder.

About Focus on Youth

Empowering Youth: For the past eight years Focus on Youth has been putting cameras in the hands of low-income, high-risk youth and we have seen them transformed by the experience. Focus on Youth uses photography to empower culturally and ethnically diverse teens by providing them with creative outlets to make positive changes in their lives. We collaborate with professional photographers, schools and community organizations developing projects that engage students’ imagination and creativity while building their confidence and self-worth.

Professional Photographers serve as Volunteer Mentors: Professional photographers from The American Society of Media Photographers and The Portland Metropolitan Photographers Association who volunteer as mentors teaching digital photography and computer software programs. Our workshops include field trips around the city, in-class projects, gallery and museum visits and guest speakers over the course of ten week sessions throughout the fall, winter and spring.

Making a Difference: By putting cameras in the hands of low-income, high-risk young people from under- served neighborhoods Focus on Youth accomplishes three goals: increasing opportunities for developing students creativity using hands-on photography and computer activities, introducing students to career paths and professionals, and cultivating students ability to communicate publicly through photography exhibits and media productions for radio and cable television shows.

2nd Annual Art Auction

Focus on Youth is will hold it’s 2nd Annual Art Auction on September 17, 2011. Beard’s Framing is proud to be providing the professional framing for the fine art photography being donated including work by Art Wolfe (Travels from the Edge) and Daniel Beltra, featured on the July-August cover of American Photo Magazine. Business leaders, photographers, wine aficionados, and other fun people with extraordinary good taste will gather to support Focus on Youth Photography Project for at-risk youth. The evening will include over 100 exquisite photographs created by regional and nationally known photographers, Spa and vacation packages, and other more local indulgences. Guests will enjoy wine, delicious hors d oeuvres and live music. Tickets available now!

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