At Focus on Youth we are passionate about alleviating hunger for homeless youth, low-income seniors and families while nurturing wildlife and caring for the environment!

Since 2004, Focus on Youth has provided hands-on-learning, sustainable gardening, healthy cooking classes, science and photography classes and mentoring for over 16,000 at-risk and homeless youth. 

Our program, Seeds of Hope is about building health, family health and community health through our local urban farm. We are helping reduce food insecurity for homeless youth, low income seniors and families. Our team of dedicated volunteers are pasionate about promoting environmental stewardship to enhance the quality of life for our entire community.

We are nurturing healthy ecosystem and resources while reducing hunger. We are working to restore habitiat and reverse climate change through developing our soils organice matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity which the water cycle and carbon sequestration. We are preventing farm pollution by avoiding the use of pesticides and chemicals while improving soil health and conserving water, insuring the environment is not depleted for future generations.

Focus on Youth is fostering community building through our partnerships with nonprofits such as Outside In, Neighborhood House, SOLVE of Oregon, Positive ChargePDX, Community Legacy Program of Our United Villages, Hands on Portland, Portland Service Program and hundreds of community volunteers.

Covid-19 is putting thousands more people in our  community at risk for food insecurity and as a result, making them vulnerable to malnutrition and serious illness.We believe no one should go hungry in the richest country on earth. We are working seven days a week, growing fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to provide thousands of meals for people who otherwise would go hungry.

You can help put healthy, organic food on the tables of homeless youth, low-income seniors and families with your donation of $25, $50, $100.

Thank you for your tax deductible donation to Focus on Youth!


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Watch for our flower stand at Sunflower Farms to open as soon as the tulips and daffodils begin blooming!  

Your purchase of organic flowers helps reduce food insecurity.  Buying orgnaic flowers protects you family, workers and the environment.   It can help diminish carbon emissions by preventing the transport of flowers from across the world to our area. 

By purchasing our boquets fro us you are saying no to harsh chemicals, exploitative labor practices, carbon emissions from long distance shipping. At Sunflower Farms we are building wildlife and pollinator habitats, all the while producing the most gorgeous fresh flowers you will never find at your local grocer.

When you purchase our flowers it says you care where things come from, you care where your money goes and what industries you support with your spending.  You care about the impact on the planet and the future generations.  You care about making a difference!

Sales from our flower stand helps to raise essential funds to provide healthy, delicious meals for homeless youth in our community!


We are excited to share that our dream of having a commercial greenhouse is coming true! This is possible because of a generous grant from Chiles Foundation and individual donors like you!  Thank you for helping end hunger and suffering in our community! 

To supplement the fresh produce we donate we have added a large flock of chickens enabling us to donate over 10,000 eggs over the coming year! 

Our greatest need is for volunteers to help in our garden. Sunflower Farm is conveniently located on a one acre parcel at 6001 SW Garden Home Road, Portland OR 97219.  If you would like to lend a hand with harvesting, planting, weeding or mulching garden pathways please fill out the volunteer form call/text 503-341-6878. We are open seven days a week and provide gloves and tools. No gardening experience is needed, we will teach you how to grow healthy, delicious organic fruit and vegetables. 

You can also help by donating on our website using PayPal or through the Givebutter platform, ( Thank you!




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