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Tim Gordon from KGW recently visited Sunflower Farm to film a story about Seeds of Hope and our garden!


Seeds of Hope is empowering homeless youth to grow and prepare healthy food….



A special thank you to Energy 350 and for donating a poly-tunnel greenhouse and constructing it at Sunflower Farm so Focus on Youth students can grow food year round!

Focus on Youth is transforming the lives of thousands of homeless youth using sustainable gardening and photography!

Since 2003, Focus on Youth has provided hands-on-learning, sustainable gardening, healthy cooking classes, science and photography classes and mentoring for over 10,000 at-risk and homeless youth.    Hunger in Oregon has spiked 18% in the last two years, and one in five homeless youth report going hungry each week.   Our program, Seeds of Hope is decreasing food insecurity and improving nutrition for homeless youth by teaching them where food comes from, how to grow food through hands-on activities, and the importance of eating fresh produce.

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Our students grew over a ton of organic fruit and vegetables, and they donated over 1600 pounds of produce to low-income seniors through the Neighborhood House food pantry.  Seeds of Hope connects youth with nature and the joy of growing their own food while giving them the ability to take on leadership roles within the community by donating food to help low-income seniors and families.

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Focus on Youth is fostering community building through our partnerships with non-profits such as New Avenues for Youth, Outside In, Neighborhood House, Community Legacy Program of Our United Villages, Hands on Portland, Portland Service Program and hundreds of community volunteers.


Homeless youth participate in every aspect of the Seeds of Hope program, from building raised cedar garden beds, filling them with compost, planting seeds and seedlings, harvesting and cooking healthy meals on site.   Using digital cameras our students capture the beauty of sunflowers, hummingbirds, colorful produce, garden ponds, dragon flies and the natural beauty of the surrounding wetlands.

You can sponsor a raised garden bed for a homeless youth!
$100 provides a youth with 30 vegetable seedlings
$50 pays for lumber to build a 4′ x 8′ raised bed
$35 pays for frames and plastic to cover the bed during cold weather
Thank you for your tax deductible donation to Focus on Youth!

Join our team of wonderful volunteers!   Call to volunteer (503) 341-6878

IMG_3400nike volunteers


Focus on Youth students capture the beauty of nature…….

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Exhibits & Events

Visit our exhibit at the Umpqua Bank in Multnomah Village.

A special thank you to Pearl Bakery and Eric Lester who will be hosting a fund raiser for Focus on Youth on February 17, 2015