Hannah Beazely

My name is Hannah Beazely and I am ninetheen years old.  I was born in Romania.  My sister came to Romania and found me and told my mom there is a kid in Romania who is going to join our family. I was adopted by my mom and dad when I was a baby.  In Romania I have three sisters who were born after me in Romania.  When I was thirteen my adoptive mom took me to Romania to meet them. My birth mom’s name is Florin Ella and was one of the only mothers who did not want to sell her child.  I have a huge Romania family so I was a bit overwhelmed when I met them.  I got to meet my birth father too, he was shocked when he met me.   My sisters in Romania look like me.   I was happy to meet them even though they could not speak English.

I have a history of very bad schools because I have ADHD and I was treated badly.  The kids picked on me also because I am Romania.  One teacher put a dictionary and said she would prove I was retarded.  She demanded that I read the dictionary when I was five and since I couldn’t read she said I was retarded and I started crying.  I came to Portland International Community School after I had an emotional breakdown when I was 16.  First I was terrified of everyone because I had been beaten up at my other school.  No one beat me up and everyone was kind to me.

I joined Focus on Youth in 2008 and since then I have met amazing people and been able to take amazing photographs.   I enjoy photography and I have taken lots more photos. I have a great passion for my photography and a passion to help others.  One of my photographs was accepted at an art gallery and I was shocked and really happy.   The mentors told me I was taking really good photographs and they praised me.  I am thrilled that people like my photographs.  In 2010 we went to the Gresham Art Gallery to hang an exhibit that is featured my photograph.

The best thing about taking photographs is looking through the lens and knowing I have captured something special or different.   When I look back the photographs I have taken I feel an emotion that can only be expressed through my photographs.  Taking photographs and helping others is a way of connecting that brings me joy.  For all those who love photography, listen to your heart and snap what you like, there is never a bad picture.  I am really happy to have graduated this year after so many people told me I would never make it.  I have had many new experiences and learned so much because of joining Focus on Youth.  I would like to become a professional photographer and Focus on Youth has been a stepping stone to my goal.


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