Abdulahi Idow

My name is Abdulahi Ido and I am 20 years old. I was born in Somalia and lived there until I was 10, then we went to Kenya with my grandma. I came here when I was 16 with my grandma and my brothers and sisters. I have one brother and two sisters. We left Somalia because there was civil war and too much killing. My grandma was afraid because she was robbed and so was my mom and dad. They killed my uncle too. We were all scared and left. My parents stayed in Somalia because they were afraid to leave Somalia, they would go into the bush to hide from the people who were doing the killing.

We came to Portland to live in North Portland. I came to Portland International Community School 2009 and I am a senior. I will graduate this year and look for work. This summer I will go to Alaska to work because there is no work here.

I am studying to get my diploma and I like my teachers. My favorite teacher is Michael because he is nice to me. He teaches me math and science and biology. I like Skip he is a nice person. He buys me bananas on field trips.
One of the first things I learned to say in English was bananas because it is something I liked when I lived in Africa.

I am nice person, I take care of myself and my family and I am respectful. I like going to PICS and I get along well with the students. If I have a conflict with one of the students,. Skip or one of the teachers helps me to work it out.

I like Focus on Youth and I like the mentors. I enjoy going out to take photographs and I like the mentors.

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