Some of Our Student Photographers

Seeds of Hope teaches homeless youth the connections between healthy soil and healthy people….


Capturing life through a lens that promises a brighter future…

Through the eyes of our earlier students….


Sitta Cole

I came to Focus on Youth in 2008 and started learning photography.  When I am taking photographs I see the beauty and I just go for it. The beauty I see and am able to photograph makes me forget the painful things that happened in Liberia. Read about Sitta’s life here.


Emad William

My name is Emad William and I came to the U.S. from Egypt.  I have been a student from Focus on Youth for two years and I have enjoyed it very much. I love photography and my goal is to become a good photographer.  I started learning photography in Egypt and thanks to Focus on Youth I am able to learn photography and take photos I like.



My name is Jowharaay (my knickname is J.J.) I feel like I am lucky to have opportunities like Focus on Youth. The teachers are wonderful and full of creativity.  I am originally from Somlia.  I moved to Kenya when I was 6 years old and then came to live in the U.S. when I was 8 years old.  I love to take photos, especially of myself.  My dream is to become a nurse when I graduate from school.



My name is Madeha, and I am a student in Focus on Youth.  I like this class because I learned a lot of things from this.  How to take pictures in the light and in the sun.  I learned how to take pictures with a zoom near and far.  I also learned how to take pictures for myself.  Thanks to Donna Lee and Scott and Leo and Gary I learned so much.  I am thankful for this photography program.  I like this program very much.


I am part of the Focus on Youth class.  This is the best class I have even taken because it made me see the real beauty in  the world around me.


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