KGW Shooting Us



UPDATE: Due to adverse weather conditions, the shoot was canceled. It’s been tentatively rescheduled for February 10. We’ll let you know.

OK, they’ll be using cameras but they’ll still be shooting us at Portland’s Lan Su Chinese Garden on Friday AM. In an act of great generosity the Garden staff have offered to¬† let our crew in before the Garden opens for business. Pat Dooris of KGW has confirmed the shoot and we’ve lined up the kids and the mentors so we’re feeling pretty good about the outcome… which, if all goes well, should be broadcast on Friday night. We’ll use Facebook to let everybody know. When it’s available we’ll post a link to our video on the KGW website… I think at least some of our kids are looking forward to shooting the garden in the snow.

Much many thanks to the Lu San Garden staff and KGW.

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