New Officers and Assignments for FOY Board

At the December, 2011, meeting of the Focus on Youth Board two new officers were elected and several working assignments accepted.  New board member Shanti Villareal, Program Manager, platform development at Xerox, was elected Secretary of the Board and 2011 Auction Chair Larry McDonald was named President. New board member Brian McCauley, Umpqua Bank, agreed to be the board member working most closely with Donna Lee on grants and funding support applications; Christopher Cabatbat, Cabatbat Photography, will direct IT research and functions, especially as regards donor and volunteer tracking; Shanti will complement her board duties with gathering and editing biographies of board members, mentors, and advisory committee members for our internet outreach; Sam Hutchison, longtime mentor, board member, and financial supporter will work on developing of a Code of Conduct/Behavior for volunteers; Jay Hager mentors, as well as continuing to work with Donna Lee on printing needs; Chris Poole Jones will continue working on community outreach; and longtime board member and mentor Leo Remington will continue in administrative support for Donna Lee.

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